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Passion & Dedication



No big group, no big coorparation, no big company,

INDIVIDUALS that love everything that this website represents; nature, mountains, rivers, ocean, volcanoes, trees, grass, sand, dunes, dirt, rocks, blue skies, clouds, shadow, sun, fun, endurance, muscle pain & sweat, running shoes, motor enduro bikes, MTB’s, our Garmin meter, our small head lights, comfortable sports gear, etc, etc, etc………

INDIVIDUALS like us will understand…….


photos taken weekly


moments captured daily


people engaged monthly

Creativity Has No



Our base is Yogyakarta. A city in Central Java that is left with one of the last Sultans in Indonesia. Previous the Capital but now Jakarta took over that job and ‘Jogja’ is back to what it she does best; Art, Students and NATURE.


In the NORTH we have the 2 volcanoes. The MERAPI with a 3100m summit, litterally in the backyard of Jogja and behind her the MERBABU with a 3200m summit. The Merapi is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and there for a challenge for every nature lover to climb her, reach, touch and feel her summit. The Merbabu is not that much higher, but needs a few extra ups and downs before reaching the summit and has a summit platform with stunning views 360 degrees around.

In the SOUTH we have the ocean. She is wild and furious and hides the secret of ‘The Queen of the South’. Telling a story about taking prisoners that wear green clothes…… be aware! The beaches show great variety from black sand to clean pure white sand beaches. One thing they all have in common is the pureness that one can expect from undeveloped areas; endless coastlines of rocks, beaches and lots, lots, lots of green

EAST & WEST are hilly and rocky. Caves, waterfalls, temples, high climbs, rivers and settings at almost every corner that could be shown in the National Geografic. Not always easy access, but since when does an adventurer care about that…..

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